The importance of observing the opponent

Too often, the collection of data about an opponent and its players is the most efficient way to prepare for a match and ultimately win it. Scouting System Pro is also in this regard a well-developed tool that has been thought and designed to observe opponent teams and players.

Following the development of the Scouting System for player evaluation, we have now developed the Scouting System for match observation, working on a complete and innovative way that improves the task of match and opponent observation.

This new software allows the creation of evaluation reports about the opponent teams and also about our own team on a match situation, and most importantly, it’s fast, reliable and secure to send a report via PDF using our Scouting System Pro.

With our software, it’s possible to create match report folders organized by different competitions, tournaments or according to the club needs, this way all the users of this software can access all the information on a faster and reliable way.

Preloaded with the details of more than 26.000 teams and 350.000 players,
the Scouting System for Teams is on the forefront of match report systems.

The teams database helps scouts save time when they need to create the match report.
With the opponent club name, country, city, stadium, website and players,
for sure it will be easier for the scouting team to know more about the next opponent.

All the observed matches will be saved in specific folders, this way it’s possible to create a more accurate and reliable database of teams and players.

Besides the observation of the teams and their players, it’s also possible to have the referees data, and make notes about the referees team. This can be very important, because the referees are also part of the game, and if we know more about the referee we can use this information in our favour.

On this software we also include an incidence menu, this way the scout can easily add information regarding aspects of the match.

Yellow or red cards, corners, substitutions, goals, and other match events are easily added to our system.

The structure of our match observation report it’s very user friendly and customized accordingly the club needs.

With the graphic and drawing system of our “Global Tactical Positioning”, it will be easier to identify some processes and strategies of the opponents.

On the report menu the scout can use our exclusive drawing system (similar to the one that we created for the Scouting System for Players), and easily draw on top of the football pitch or on top of any picture taken in the stadium.