Better and faster information

With our unique system of player data management, a scout may create, organize, and consult the data at any moment, any time and in any platform (computer, tablet or smartphone). We have developed specific reports from live player observation as well as supporting reports on observations made through television, video and online.

We have a preliminary report in a simplified mode, which is ideal for initial player observation as well as a detailed report mode, perfect for the follow up and analyses that demand more refining. These reports may have different levels of detail according to the user’s options and are generated automatically. Thus, allowing the scout to focus on the fundamental tasks of their objective.

These reports may be shared with other users of the software only with the authorization of the system’s administrator.

All the information in the database is confidential and belongs solely to the user and/or the organization they represent (club/federation/academy/company). All the information uploaded into the system can only be accessed by the user or by those working in a football organization (club/federation/academy/company). This system is truly secure, and prevents any leaks of information.

Scouting System Pro
At the Academy

This software makes it possible to record, monitor and track a player’s entire progress within the club, from the roots all the way to the first team.

With our dynamic database, a club may analyze an athlete’s progress over the years. All the trainers and coaches an athlete may have in their career at a club could use the internal evaluation function, and in that way monitor and evaluate them as many times as they wish. Therefore, increasingly building a more accurate and consistent database, which is of great importance for the proper management of the club’s assessments.

These evaluations may be shared as often as needed with parents, tutors, legal guardians, club directors, other coaches, scouts, and the athletes themselves.

Scouting System Pro is the ideal tool to organize the information from each player in the academy through its interactive dynamic database system and its advanced search engine while allowing for swift consulting of all the data in a simple way.

With the automatic comparing system of arithmetical medians between evaluations, it is easy to see whether or not the player is in a growing process.

This software also clearly indicates which aspects of the player need improving. It is an indispensable tool in a coach’s daily work to bring out the best of the players.

Powerful Reports

All reports created with the Scouting System can be shared in-app or exported to PDF to easily print and share them with the technical and directive staff.