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With our unique system of player data management, a scout may create, organize, and consult the data at any moment, any time and on any platform.
Scouting System Pro may be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone, thus allowing verification and editing of data at any place and any time with the utmost security.

With our unique system of player data management, a scout may create, organize, and consult the data at any moment using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

These reports may be shared with other users of the software only with the authorization of the system’s administrator.
All the information in the database is confidential and belongs solely to the user and/or the organization they represent (club/federation/academy/company).
This system is truly secure, and prevents any leaks of information.

With the advantage of configuring the system in workgroup mode, the professional football club may have access to all the data uploaded by the scout in just a few seconds after the observed game. Scouting System Pro is without any doubt an essential software for improving the quality of the daily work at a professional football club.

Preloaded with the details of more than 26.000 teams and 350.000 players,
The teams and player database helps scouts save time when they need to create a player or match report.

With the opponent club name, country, city, stadium, website and players,
for sure it will be easier for the scouting team to know more about the next opponent.

All the observed players and teams can be saved using specific folders, this way it is possible to create a more organized and reliable database of teams and players

The importance of observing the opponent.

The collection of data about an opponent and its players is paramount in the preparation for a match. Scouting System Pro is also in this regard a well-developed tool that has been thought and designed to observe opponent teams and players.

Our software allows us to create reports with a systematic procedure to identify the game tactics and opponent behavior during a match and register them.

This software is reliable, fast and secure, to create and send a report inside the system or share it using our PDF export feature.

With our software, it is possible to create match report folders organized by different competitions, tournaments or according to the clubs’ needs, this way all of the software’s users can access all the information in a reliable and faster way.

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