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Scouting System Market

This software is especially designed for sports agencies and agents and is focused on the transfer market activities.


With Scouting System Market, it’s possible to access player and teams profiles, create and organize player and match reports, access the clubs needs and to match these needs with the players the agent wants to offer.

It is also possible to create short lists (best 11/ shadow teams), and also to create and combine customized filters by age, position, preferred foot, team, league, minutes played, and other criteria. 

With the main features it is possible to:

Manage all the information gathered about the transfer market

Making possible to update all of your business opportunities and also all the clubs’ needs and requests, always knowing the players you have available by position, age, foot, and other defined criteria.

The system also allows to create customized reports by position for players and teams

Secure chat between the agents inside the same organization

It is possible to exchange messages between users, or groups of users.

These messages can be displayed to all users or only to specific users or specific groups.

Create your Best 11 / Dream Team / Shadow Team

It is possible to create a Best 11/Dream Team, manually or using our automation tools.

Search on our database and use our preset filters, eg: by country, by nationality, by availability, positions, foot, height or weight and much more. It is possible to use different filters and criteria.

Create a list of players available for sale and share the list with your business partners.

Our players and teams database with more than 350000 player profiles and 26000 team profiles, with information about minutes played, goals scored, cards, substitutions, and more…

Our players and teams database contains more than 350.000 player profiles and 26.000 team profiles, with information about minutes played, goals scored, cards, substitutions, and more…

Players Available

The players menu can be organized according to your needs and also using different filters, such as:

  • skills
  • levels
  • position
  • age
  • foot
  • scout
  • league
  • or any other single item or combined items.

Updated Stats

Our players and teams database is updated daily with:

  • minutes played;
  • appearances;
  • goals;
  • assists;
  • competition and more…

Business Opportunities

Opportunities dashboard.

In this screen it is possible to visualize and track every single deal and make business decisions.

This can be done alone or in cooperation with your business partners.


What Clubs are looking for?

On this screen it is possible to visualize and track all the open positions at the clubs your scouting team is working with.

It’s possible to suggest players, to describe business opportunities and conversations.

Agents contact list

Organize your contact list.

  • Agents;
  • Players;
  • Clubs;
  • Others.

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