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Case Studies

AS Monaco

With a strategic turnaround on the way the club approached the players transfer market, AS Monaco was able to become one of the clubs with the highest rates of economic profitability in the World. With an innovative approach and focused on retaining young talented players, combined with new scouting staff and methodologies, AS Monaco was able to scout and buy football players that today are world references.

Players like Mendy, (when transferred for Manchester City generated a profit of 43 million euros); Bernardo Silva (the transfer for Manchester City generated 35 million euros) or Kylian Mbappé (on loan to Paris Saint Germain for 135 million euros).


The summer transfer market of 2019 will be forever recorded in LOSC club history as one of the most profitable ever. With the transfers of Rafael Leão, Nicolas Pépé, Thiago Mendes, Anwar El-Ghazi and Youssouf Koné, the french club made 150 million euros.

Combined with a fantastic scouting strategy and using Scouting System Pro, LOSC achieved 2nd place on the league table in the 2018/2019 season and became Ligue 1 winners in the 2020/2021 season.

During the 1st lockdown due to the covid19 pandemic, we have created a special OTT mobile app for LOSC. The app allowed the coaching staff to generate and share specific video exercises for specific players, with the possibility to know when and what the players have seen from the videos. The videos had a special DRM feature that allowed the coaching staff to disable the video at any moment or to know how many times the video was played.

Canadian Premier League

The Scouting System at the Canadian Premier League was the 1st system combining scouting tools and a contract tool. Beside the scouting reports, all the contracts between teams and players are generated and managed inside the platform. Each club has an exclusive login and password, and using their credentials, each club submits the player profile and chooses the contract type from a list of preloaded and approved league contract templates. The process is transparent and fully supervised by the league office, and only the club and the league office have access to the documents.

This is truly a unique digitization case study in terms of player scouting and contracts.

SC Braga

With an increasingly strong training academy, Sporting Clube de Braga has been focusing more on its youth. This implies exhaustive scouting work at a national and international level to find the best and most interesting talent. With the customized version of Scouting System Pro developed for Sporting Clube de Braga, we are able to achieve more and better results throughout the identification, analysis and recruitment process.

In parallel with an ever better and more developed academy, coupled with effective scouting software, Sporting Clube de Braga had good results in the transfer market in 2018/2019. Deals such as Vukcevic, Pedro Neto, Bruno Jordão, Dyego Sousa and Loum have earned the club around 32 million euros.


Calsouth is the largest state football association in the United States of America, with over 11.000 club members and over 200.000 athletes.

They were looking for a multi-purpose, offline solution that would identify and evaluate athletes in different locations, programs, ages and for different purposes.

We were challenged and managed to program the Scouting System Pro – Calsouth version in 6 months of development and collaboration with Steve Hoffman and his Los Angeles scouting team.

This collaboration process began in 2017 and interestingly Calsouth is the state football association where most players debut in different teams of the United States of America.


The famous Portland sports brand, felt the need to identify young footballers’ talent around the world and launched a global competition to select the supplier.

Our team’s experience, the maturity level of our platform, our client portfolio and the privacy requirements, security and data confidentiality were the key for our company to win the Nike scouting development project.

We’ve been working together with the swoosh brand since 2014, and always improving the platform, with better usability and creating new features specifically developed for Nike.

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